Saving the Planet


Here's how to do your bit for the environment while improving your health and your bank balance:

  • Do you know that cars produce around 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the UK?
  • If your journey's not too far, why not walk instead of driving? You'll get fitter, save on fuel and won't have to find a parking space

  • Think about a car which is more environmentally-friendly, or convert to a fuel which gives off fewer harmful fumes. Your car will be cheaper to run too

  • Get more miles for your money by not revving your motor, speeding or braking sharply

  • Service your car regularly

  • Take a load off: take your roof rack off and keep your boot empty - you'll use less fuel

  • Check your tyres regularly, under-inflated tyres use more fuel

  • Car-sharing and Park-and-Ride schemes can save you a fortune as well as reducing your impact on the environment

  • Cars registered on or after 1 March 2001 with low carbon dioxide emissions attract the lowest rates of road tax.