Road safety saves lives – bairns lives

Road safety saves lives – bairns lives

Targets fer makkin oor roads safer

Road traffic accidents are ane of the highest causes o accidental death in yung Scots. That’s how in 2009, the Scottish Government’s Road Safety Framework tae 2020 sets oot ambeetious tairgets fer makkin oor roads safer. These goals include cuttin the nummer o bairns killt bi at least 50% an bringin doon the amount o serious injuries bi mair nor 65%.

Teachin our bairns hou tae uise roads safely will hae a big pairt tae play in makkin these tairgets a reality.

A skill fer life

Road safety is anent muckle mair nor gettin knowledge an unnerstaunin; it’s anent cheengin attitudes an behaviours. Gin we cin dae that, we will save lives. Not jist fer the nou, but far intae the future.

This is important fer:

  • In 2012 alane, 196 bairns were killt or badly injured on Scotland’s roads
  • Yung bairns dinnae yet hae the skills tae judge hou far awa vehicles are, or hou fast thay are traivellin
  • Bairns cannae assess unseen risks until aroun 8 years auld

It’s nivver ower suin tae stairt

Bi the age o fower, a bairn’s brain is awready 90% o its adult size. This means the early years are the best o times tae stairt teachin bairns anent road safety, as this is whan thair brains are growein the festest an thay learn things mair easily. The skills bairns develop nou will bide wi thaim for ivver, sae egglin guid habits will play a pairt in keepin thaim safe fer the rest o thair lives.

Gang Safe! Ziggy’s Road Safety Mission includes loads o fun weys tae teach bairns anent bidin safe. Bi sharin the stories, gemmes, videos an ither activities, road safety will suin gaet tae be saicont nature. An dinnae forget tae practise thegither whan ye’re oot an aboot.

Sae get tae it and get set tae tae Gang Safe wi Ziggy!