Fatigue-Feeling Tired

The Loughborough Sleep Research Centre recommends that, if you feel tired when you're driving you should:

  • Find a safe parking place at the earliest opportunity
  • Drink one or two cans of a functional energy or caffeine drink
  • If possible (e.g. at your next break) also take a short nap or doze for no longer than 15 minutes - this also gives the drink time to take effect.
  • You should not resume driving if you're still sleepy.


Please note

Winding down the windows, turning up the radio and exercising have little effect in
overcoming sleepiness.


The Loughborough Sleep Research Centre has found that:

  • One can of functional energy drink - in this research Red Bull was used* - is effective in reducing moderate levels of sleepiness (eg. the afternoon dip)
  • Two cans will almost eliminate this level of sleepiness and sleep related driving impairments for about 90 minutes after the drink takes effect
  • Nevertheless, drivers should get adequate sleep and not see functional energy drinks as a substitute for sleep
  • The problem can affect all ages, therefore we all need to take care.


Please note

* Red Bull Stimulation is not suitable for diabetics or persons sensitive to caffeine. Red Bull Sugarfree is suitable for diabetics.


Professional driving: before you drive

As a professional driver, you know that the Highway Code says you should always arrive at work sufficiently rested to undertake your duties. Your daily driving duties should be managed to comply with company policies and procedures aimed at avoiding sleepiness problems and promoting driver safety. Where tachographs are used these are designed to conform to statutory regulations.


When you're driving

If for any reason you feel sleepy or suffer any other symptoms while driving, your  safety and that of your passengers and other road users should never be put at risk. If you feel your driving may be in any way impaired, stop at a safe place. If recurring problems of tiredness arise, seek medical advice.