Drink Driving

Drivers who drink and drive are responsible for the death or serious injury of almost 200 people each year in Scotland.

When it comes to drink driving, young men are the worst offenders. Many don't realise how little alcohol it takes to affect their driving and that, even if they have done the sensible thing and not driven after a night out, their ability to drive may still be impaired the next morning. Others can't see the potential consequences of their actions and many simply don't believe they will be caught.

The consequences of drinking and driving are extremely serious. You will get a minimum one year ban and the conviction will stay on your record for 20 years or until you are 40, whichever is longer. If you receive a prison sentence as part of the conviction, it stays on your criminal record for 40 years or until you're 70.

If you are banned you could lose your car and you will find it much more difficult to get insured after the ban. Don't risk it.


Even within legal limits, the risk of accident increases if you drink any alcohol at all
before driving.